The Unexpected Benefits of Success

Most people want to be successful. Some dream of being a great athlete, writer or entrepreneur. Others are less specific, but lust after tantalising visions of a honeyed lifestyle, dripping with luxury and glamour.

Success is Just the Beginning

We all have different visions of success that we strive for and we know that achieving our dream would make us feel victorious. However success in your chosen sphere is not the end of your story. There are many unexpected benefits of success, which means that being successful is, in fact, just the beginning.

Be Awesome

Success in one area of your life boosts your self-esteem in other areas too. Success which is the result of your own striving, hard work and passion gives you great validation. You attain this type of success by gaining skills, learning to motivate yourself and understanding the power of hard work and persistence. These hard-won skills are transferable and once you bring them to focus on another area of your life, you will find that success will begin to bloom there too. With each successful outcome your confidence grows, until you are riding an upward spiral of self-belief and achievement.

Caviar or Smoked Salmon?

Success also brings choices. J.K Rowling was once just an ordinary woman, but now that she is a successful author her life has changed dramatically. Her huge wealth means that she is no longer tied to a job or to a specific location. She can choose to invest in a new business venture, or she can choose to play golf every day of her life.

If you are unsuccessful you have far fewer choices in life. You have to spend most of your time making a living and even in your spare time you can’t afford to do many of the things you would like to. You can’t usually pick and choose what to work on, but are restricted by what your employer or customers dictate.

Make Someone Smile

Successful people are often in a position to help family and friends. One of the first actions of many who hit the big time, is to buy their parents a home. This is because helping people makes you feel good, especially the people you care about. Being able to boost the financial welfare of your closest family and friends means that you don’t have to worry about them any more. Some high-achievers, such as Bill Gates, give much of their money to charity. Generosity even helps some people to be successful, as like attracts like. Being able to be generous to others can be one of the greatest benefits of success.

My Way or the Highway

You will be more influential once you’ve become successful. An eminent judge, film star, top civil servant or successful business leader will be able to access people and places, that us mere mortals can only dream of. There are two types of people, those with influence and those without. Most of us are entirely without influence other than in our own tiny sphere of family or work.

Lord Alan Sugar influenced the business policies of the last Labour government. Bob Geldof was able to rally musicians to raise millions of pounds for the starving in Africa. Oprah Winfrey is the most influential woman on the planet. Other, less famous, but equally successful people are quietly influencing people and events behind closed doors. Everyone would like to make a difference and being successful means that you can.

Heaven is a Place on Earth

Happiness is yet another benefit of success. The myth that money doesn’t make you happy has been disproved by recent surveys, which indicate that wealthy people are happier than those who live in poverty.

This will probably come as no surprise to you. Anyone who has lain awake at night worried about how to pay their bills, or because they have to return to a job they hate in the morning, can tell you that poverty is not nice.

Successful people still have problems from time to time, but at least they don’t have money worries to add to their burden. The influence and money that accompany success will give you the freedom spend your life as you choose and to help the people you love. This will increase your level of happiness and happy people are good to be with. They lift the spirits of others by their effervescence and often want to share the love by helping others.

A Bigger Picture

When you imagine your success; whether it be on a stage enjoying a standing ovation, holding a medal or seeing your name on the corner office door, you can now broaden the picture beyond that moment. See a wider perspective where you are full of confidence, where you have a vista of choice, are influential and most importantly, are brimming with joy.

These are the unexpected benefits of success which make that journey even more worthwhile. Now that you have a stronger and more complete visualisation of what success will bring, you may feel motivated to strive even harder and to take that leap of faith.

Success breeds success. Dream your dream, formulate your plan, and take the first step on your journey to the top.

Author: Lynne Mashhadi

Lynne Mashhadi is co-Founder of the Inspiration Zone. She is also a Partner in Design Inspiration and the Founder of Lynne is an experienced writer and content curator. She is known as The Clutter Expert by many people and as a talented freelance writer by others. She is a businesswoman and mother of 3 children who wouldn't like to be called children any more.

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