How to Develop Crazy Persistence in 3 Simple Steps

Persistence is simply a matter of continuing to go on, no matter what happens. When deciding on how to develop persistence keep this idea in mind constantly: Keep going, no matter what. Sear it on your mind with a branding iron.

It’s easy to persist through rosy times. When things appear to be getting difficult it’s more of a challenge to be persistent.

Celebrate! Resistance increases as the goal nears. When times are toughest the universe is orchestrating the most spectacular results in the background.

When it looks like nothing is working, Everything is working.

I’ve used these techniques to persist through lawsuits, bankruptcy, and severe resistance in the form of family and loved ones who didn’t believe in me or mocked me for my grandiose dreams.

How to Develop Crazy Persistence in 3 Simple Steps

See It

See yourself in possession of your goal now. Feel the emotions of having or living your goal.

Taste, touch, hear, smell and see your mental picture in detail. Feel the joy of accomplishment. Paint the picture in color. Make it vivid.

Get excited! Your dream is becoming a reality. Tap into these emotions when time gets tough, to drive you past obstacles.

Powerful positive emotions fuel persistence. When your dream feels real it’s easier to persist.

Be It

Picturing is not enough if you want to build persistence. You must be the person. “Be the person” means acting like the person who lives in the picture Now.

A billionaire does not fear if they can afford going out to eat. You have to kick that fear out of your mind and replace the activity with something that you can do right now.[Tweet “Would you rather be broke or rich?”]

If you’re flat broke, spend 50 cents and celebrate the hell out of it. The universe doesn’t know big or small; only people do. When you feel as if you’ve spend $10,000 when spending 50 cents guess what the universe begins to line up for you? It reads your feelings and brings you more of the same.

It takes mental gymnastics for sure, but would you rather be broke or rich?

I used to get excited spending 50 cents on Heat Peanuts. I didn’t care that it took me down to $4.50, my net worth. Actually, I was $50,000 in debt at the time with a nice fat lawsuit from a creditor looming. I still celebrated because I knew the 50 cents would multiply to a small…then large…..fortune.

Sure, you might be flat broke but you have to PRETEND doing big ticket things all the time and CONTINUALLY move into action to make these dreams a reality to get past the uncomfortable feelings of being broke.

I persisted by being, being, being. Starting a blog. Beginning a handful of entrepreneurial ventures. Writing a series of ebooks. Uploading over 640 videos to YouTube. Writing over 1000 inspirational quotes.

Be, Be, Be!

Success Is More Important Than Breathing

Decide that your becoming successful is more important than breathing.

Each breath you take should move you toward a definite major purpose. Make that purpose larger than life itself and you will have no problem being persistent.

How do you develop persistence? Please share in the comments section.


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Ryan Biddulph is a professional island-hopping professional blogger who has spent years making a living a writing from some of the world’s most beautiful locations, such as Bali and Thailand. He now teaches people how to become professional island-hopping bloggers themselves.

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