5 More Great Ways to Find Inspiration

Finding inspiration can sometimes be an elusive task for us in the midst of the hustle-bustle of daily life. Here are 5 more of my favourite ways to find inspiration, even when a deadline is looming.

Read Some Inspiring Quotes

This is a great idea. Just kick back and absorb the distilled wisdom of the ages. It’s a perfect way to surf ideas and issues that have been fundamental to the human condition since, well since we started recording what we say in writing. Of course, the best source of inspiring quotes is our very own treasure trove available right here in the Inspiration Zone.

Go Somewhere New

It’s always a wonderful way to gain a different perspective. It doesn’t really matter if you just talk a walk in a different neighbourhood or travel to the other side of the planet; the point of the exercise is to see how others view the world. It’s a powerful way to see your own life in fresh ways.

Do Something New

Routine can be very useful for achieving tasks, but I know of nothing that will dull your creative edge more comprehensively. If you’re suffering from an inability to be inspired, it’s probably time to do something different. Take up a new hobby, have a go at an activity that you’ve never dared to try before (the scarier the better) or go to a coffee shop you’ve never tried before and strike up a conversation with a stranger.

Take Some Quiet Time

Sometimes everyday life can be a noisy, hectoring, cacophony. It can sometimes even feel like the noises and demands of our lives are conspiring to prevent us from being creative. At those times, it’s important to remember that you are in charge of your time. Choose to take some time for yourself. A demanding family can look after itself for a little while. Make sure anyone you’re responsible for is safe and schedule in some regular ‘me time’. It’s not selfish, it’s not greedy and it will definitely help you to do everything you do in your life with more efficiency and grace. As a wonderful by-product you’ll also find that it will boost your creative energies and you should find your inspiration will return.

Spend Some Time With Nature

I know it’s a cliche, but it really works. I’m lucky enough to live in Devon, one of the most beautiful parts of the United Kingdom and if I need to recharge my inspiration batteries, all I need do is pop out for a short walk on Dartmoor, or stand overlooking the sea in Plymouth. It doesn’t take long for me to come up with a range of new ideas within minutes. If you’re not as lucky as me, don’t be deterred. Even if your neighbourhood looks like a trauma ward, there is nature everywhere. When I was a child, I used to spend a lot of time watching ants travelling their busy way across the ground. If you get close enough to see it, Nature is everywhere around you, living in the cracks that our urban planners can’t see. Train yourself to see it and you’ll open up an entire world of inspiration.

Author: Ash Mashhadi

Ash Mashhadi is co-Founder of the Inspiration Zone. He is also co-Founder of the successful website InPlymouth.com and Partner in the highly successful web design and social media consultancy Design Inspiration. Ash is a popular and lively speaker and frequently trains and mentors owners of small and medium-sized businesses. He is often called The Inspiration Guy, and if you want to discover why, just talk to him.

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