3 Ways to Make Change Easy

They say that if you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep getting the same results. Makes sense doesn’t it? Then why do we avoid change so much?


Whatever the reasons are, the fact remains that successful people and organisations all know that being able to change is crucial. So here are 3 techniques you can use to adopt change more easily.

1. Make Intuitive Decisions

Trust yourself to make the right decisions. Look at the right data first, but then just allow yourself to make your own decision.

2. Visualise the Effects

Actively empower the imaginative parts of your brain by using visualisation to rehearse your success. The world’s top-performing athletes and actors rely on this technique. It works, try it.

3. Keep on Beginning

In his recent book “Poke the Box” [UK Amazon link] [US Amazon link] Seth Godin identifies a really interesting technique for completing projects. When faced with a daunting task avoid the paralysis of worrying about the scale of it. Instead, just start it. Then the next day begin again (from where you left off). Keep beginning and eventually the job will be completed.

The Next Step

Change doesn’t need to be an obstacle. Treat it as a simple challenge, apply the 3 tactics here and let me know how you get on.

Author: Ash Mashhadi

Ash Mashhadi is co-Founder of the Inspiration Zone. He is also co-Founder of the successful website InPlymouth.com and Partner in the highly successful web design and social media consultancy Design Inspiration. Ash is a popular and lively speaker and frequently trains and mentors owners of small and medium-sized businesses. He is often called The Inspiration Guy, and if you want to discover why, just talk to him.

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