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Humans of New York – How I Approach People

Humans of New York is a modern phenomenon. Over the past few years Brandon...

Wrestle a Gorilla

Today I squeezed an elephant into a bottle. Yesterday I ran ten thousand leagues. Tomorrow I’m going to wrestle a gorilla. That’s my life, but it’s nothing compared to yours.

Success is an Attitude

Is it possible to achieve what you want in life by going through the motions? Make the right moves, press the right buttons, pull the lever and voila, there it is! A successful life. Really?

Brace For Impact

Sometimes life delivers you a harder blow than usual. You can see it coming, but can’t avoid it. What do you do? It’s time to brace for impact.

Anthony Robbins on How to Inspire People

What does Anthony Robbins think about inspiration? This video interview is full of insights.

Tom Peters on You Are the Company You Keep

Business guru Tom Peters (author of “In Search of Excellence”)...

Simon Sinek on How Great Leaders Inspire Action

If you want to know how the world’s greatest leaders and organisations became the greatest? You have to start with “why”. This is the second most viewed video on Ted.com and once you’ve watched it, you’ll know why.

Seth Godin on How to Find a Purple Cow

In this remarkable (and I’m choosing my words carefully) interview...